The most delicate rose has the sharpest thorns

How to introduce myself…

My name isn’t important, for now I’d much rather remain anonymous. I guess I’ll start off by saying that I am not special. I am not any smarter, prettier, funnier than the ordinary joe schmoe. I have a tendency to be awkward. I’m either too quiet, or I talk to much and it’s annoying. When I do open my mouth I have no filter and I don’t always know when it’s time to shut up. I have made a million mistakes in my short lifetime. At first these mistakes weren’t my fault. I was too young and naive to understand just how evil this world can truly be. I determined very young that I had to do things the hard way, I can say one thing at least which is that I picked something and I stuck with it at least.

From my pain I created my poems, and my poems were the one thing that nobody could take from me. I knew I was a damn good writer and I still am. I don’t write about things that people like to hear though. So a warning before you continue further; my poems broach topics that aren’t accepted by society as something that’s okay to talk about. They’re raw and they’re intense if you don’t want to read them then don’t it’s okay, they just weren’t meant for you.

I’ll give a list of triggers that may come up in the following poems and posts..

Drug addiction, recovery, and relapse
kind of rape but I never actually said no that way I didn’t have to know if it was actually rape or not
Trauma, trauma, vivid descriptions of various trauma
Talk of suicide and suicide attempts
Talk of various narcissistic relationships involving domestic abuse
Like I said I write about ugly things, I air the dirty laundry, but I do it in a beautiful way because I can’t take back the things that have already happened I can only do my best to find the lesson in them and find a way to move forward and hope I can help someone else too as well.