Well fuck

I haven’t done much writing lately,

I’ve gotten pretty good at going ghost,

My boyfriends insinuating that I’m just lazy,

It’s made the anger start to simmer and I’m beginning to roast.

It’s somewhat all my own fault, my face is always stuck in my phone,

But lately when I need someone I find myself completely alone.

How many nights will I spend staring at cigarette butts and that stupid fucking empty bowl?

Cause I’ve been so goddamn depressed feels like I mightve finally crippled my soul,

Alex you realized a long time ago your addiction to nicotine, the narcissist and shit won’t fill the gaping hole..

your plan backfired alex; this is out of control..

How many nights?

How many nights will you toss and turn until the motion makes you physically sick,

You know all these answers so why won’t they stick,

You knew your life wouldn’t be easy alex, they told you death wouldn’t come quick..

I feel so trapped, and I don’t know what to do,

You’ve always known how you could change it, you couldn’t stop but at least you knew..

This predicament has got me completely forlorn,

And I feel my cries for help are lately only met by scorn,


I think I got myself trapped.

Written and owned by d3licate

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