No rhyme or reason

At first this blog may be an unorganized mess. I don’t really know how to blog. I’m not sure if you will want to read what I write or not. My poems are the only beauty I could find in the ugliness and pain that I had to withstand and recently I’ve found that there’s all these words in my head and on the tip of my tongue but I can’t write them down in a way that makes sense. Right now I am the most lost I have ever been and it used to be in my most despondent moments I came out with my best works of art. But I think the poems that I’ve already written were meant to be shared and because they aren’t they’ve built a dam inside my mind and until I’ve gotten them all out for the world to read nothing new can grow. There are people in this world that are able to learn from others mistakes and therefore don’t need to make those mistakes themselves. Then there are those of us that have to make the mistakes so that others can learn from them instead of going through it. Unfortunately I am one of the latter of the two and all I can hope is that reading my poems and seeing the small shred of beauty that came from that pain will help others not to make the same mistakes, and or let the ones who have made them know that they are not alone.